Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Human Body at the orphanage in the morning - and back at School in the afternoon...

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Written by Alex -
Mr K, our tuk-tuk driver, picked us up at 7.45 this morning. On our way to the orphanage we stopped at the local market and picked up 2 watermelons and a stalk of bananas to take with us.

When we arrived we were happily greeted by all of the children. Today was all about the human body. We started by naming the parts of the body and then played "Steph says" followed by pictionary using the body parts.

The children were then placed into small groups and given large pieces of butchers'-paper which they then traced around the body of one of the kids. The parts of the body were then named and decorated.

We taught in the school this afternoon, including classes on verbs and nouns, the days of the week and the months of the year. Teacher Salas' 5pm class was as big as always - over 65 kids!! 3-4 to a desk and a dozen on the floor.....

On the way back to the guest house we stopped by the orphanage to say goodnight to the kids.

Kedang being used as the 'Human Body Model'... :-)

As was Seht...

Until he became the 'Make-Up Model'... :-))

Cheah naming his team's body parts

The neat and tidy library at school - WOW!!... :-)

Ryan, Steph and Alex teaching about verbs and nouns...

The over-crowded 5pm class learning about the days of the week
and the months of the year...

Keen to learn - aren't they???... :-)) Of course making classes fun does help...

We treated ourselves to a foot-massage after a 'long day at the office'... :-)

Another busy day comes to an end - and another great day coming-up tomorrow... :-)

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  1. So jealous - Love that foot massage. Wish I was there. The kids must be having a great time with such great teachers!!