Friday, July 8, 2011

YYYAAAAAYYY!!! It's tie-dye day!!! :-)))

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Written by Alex -

This morning at the orphanage we started-off looking at colours. We then gave the children a list of things outside of the orphanage which they had to run and find. The kids played UNO with Steph, followed by a game of basketball.

In preparation for the Sihanoukville trip next week, we made tie-dye t-shirts and bandanas.

We showed the kids how to tie the t-shirts/singlets and the bandanas and then let the kids dip them into the dye.
While our 'works of art' were drying, we had a meeting with all of the children explaining how Sihanoukville is going to run (very organized - with team leaders, assistant leaders and  adults, so we can all have fun, and be safe) - they were shocked when they heard we would be leaving Bakong at 3.30 in the morning!!  :-))))

This afternoon we took Ryan to Angkor Wat and watched the sunset with a few of the older boys from the orphanage. We were lucky enough to have a nun bless another bracelet on us. These bracelets will forever bring us luck.

We ended the night in Siem Reap with a birthday dinner for Hay and some of the boys.

Every child got a t-shirt/singlet and a bandana...

And went to town putting rubber-bands into the material...

See?? Like this...

And this... :-))
(That's Alex, another volnuteer from Australia who was helping us)

Standing-room only as we all watched the water turn to colour.... ;-)

Steph demonstrating how to dye the clothes...

And then it was on for young and old... :-))

We had 6 'dipping stations' for our 6 different dye colours...
Stay-tuned for the fashion parade in Sihanoukville... ;-)

The Sihanoukville briefing...

Angkor Wat!! :-)

Such posers... :-))

The kids receiving their red braceletts and blessings...

And Alex getting hers...

Oh, what a feeling!!!  :-)))

OK, just one more photo with this group of monks... At sunset...
In one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World...
With our kids in Cambodia...
How sureal...

Hay's birthday dinner in Siem Reap -
even the chef came-by to say hello (back right corner of the table...)


Tomorrow is Hay's 16th birthday and we will celebrate with Pancake Day at the orphanage!! :-))


  1. So glad you went to Angkor Wat. We never saw it at sunset or had bracelets blessed but it's an amazing place!
    Had Yum Cha at Lucky Chans today-thinking of Michelle & Aviv while we ate our yummy dumplings & seafood dim sims.

  2. Hi everyone, have been following your day to day activities and it all sounds amazing. Not sure about the 3.30am start but one things for sure you'll all sleep well to night.
    Have a great time look forward till tomorrow.

  3. Hey Ryan, Pa and I are home and VERY tired. 30 hours flying home from Budapest. We had a great holiday, and it sounds like you are too. I LOVE all the photos. Keep sending. x x xBaba

  4. Hi! I'm a volunteer in Cambodia now and am wondering where you found the dye to make tie dye shirts. I would really like to do this with my students as well. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!