Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aussie Rules and pronounciation...

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Written by Ryan -

This is my second time in Cambodia and loving every minute of it!!  It's really enjoyable teaching the kids English as well as playing with them. Seeing their smiling faces everyday brightens up my day.

This morning at the orphanage, there was a volunteer called Alex who teaches indigenous children in central-Australia. We got the Cambodian kids to write letters to his children back in Australia, just a little bit about their lives.

After the children had completed their letters and seen photos of the indigenous kids, we taught them how to play "Aussie Rules Football". They really liked kicking the ball around and hand-balling!!!

After a fun but very hot morning, Aviv, Michelle, Steph, Alex and I went to the school to teach the children pronounciation... This was a great challenge because they struggled to pronounce the sounds of letters like f, v and w...

So far, I think Cambodia is amazing!!!

Ryan, Steph and Alex waiting to teach a class at the school...
It hasn't rained for a couple of days - throwing cold water on
them tends to cool things down... :-))))

And get some great laughs...

Getting the kids to pronounce words correctly can be quite
a challenge - but we always make it fun... ;-)

Our lips, tongue and teeth determine the right pronounciation...
We take it for-granted that we know to put our top teeth on
our bottom lip and say 'V'... Or open our mouth, loosen
our lips and say 'we'...  :-)))

We also worked on pronounciation in the XXL 5pm class... :))

Ryan and Bona going through the alphabet and teaching the kids
the right pronounciation of every letter...

Steph took her class on 'colours'

After learning the words, some word-games reinforce the learning...
Hangman is a favorite...

Fun in the tuk-tuk on the way back to Siem Reap...

Say cheese.... :-)

And back to the fun and games....... :-)))

Dinner with our friend Lidia, who runs a fantastic
orphanage/shelter called Together For Cambodia

Big day tomorrow - we are going to tie-dye t-shirts, singlets and bandanas!!

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