Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's SPORTS DAY!! :-)))

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Had a great day with the kids today... We split the kids in the orphanage into 4 groups and played until the heat zapped the energy out of us... Then it was time for some bananas and watermelon...

Ryan at 'Banana Alley' at the New Market on the way 
to the orphanage in the morning...We always stop 
on our way to pick-up some fresh fruit for the kids...

First race of the day... the 'carry your buddy across the water' race...

The 'human-wheelbarrow' race...

A twist on the egg-and-spoon race... using bananas... :-))

Speed is one thing, but the winning team was the one with most 
water in their cup at the end of the race... ;-)

Now it's getting tricky... When the water spills you take a shower... :-)))
The perfect race for a hot day... 

Doesn't take much to make sports-day fun...

Especially when we tossed a bucket of water on the kids
as the grand-finale... :-)))))))

This poor dog at the orphanage copped a spray 
of snake venom. Lucky to survive, he lost his fur and now keeps
in-doors for most of the day... He comes out whenever we arrive -
it's tucker time!! 

Tomorrow we'll be learing about Parts of The Body and teaching at the school in the afternoon... :-)

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  1. Sports Day looks like the best fun - nothing like I remember watching at Scopus. That poor dog looks terrible - trust Ryan to be the one feeding him.
    I want to see some photos of Michelle & Aviv as well!! Where are you?
    Keep up the good work