Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another big day ahead...

Boy, we had a big day ahead of us today...

First we headed to the New Market to buy some white T-shirts and and large plastic tubs - tomorrow we'll be making tie-dye T-shirts with the kids!!  The money for the tie-dye project was raised and donated by 4 Year 6 students at Mt. Scopus College in Melbourne, Australia - a HUGE THANK YOU to Kerryn, Tayla, Dean and Daniella!! It's just GREAT to see kids who have heard about our project from Steph get engaged and raise money for us to take over and help bring joy to our Cambodian kids' lives!!

After the market we went on to Chom Rong's university - Chom Rong was one of the orphans at the orphanage and last year we bought him a motor bike so he could attend the better urban High School in Siem Reap. He did very well in Grade 12, so this year we're sponsoring him to go to university - he's studying Law at Angkor University!! These kids are bright, they are just extremely poor - it's such a pleasure to be able to help them be the best they can be and break the poverty cycle!!

After Uni it was off to school, and the orphanage for some BIG surprises.....

The New Market - basically the shopping centre... The stalls in the market sell everything from fresh produce and meat to housewares, hardware,  jewellery and clothing...

The clothing stalls - we were spoilt for choice, but we only wanted to buy white T-shirts... :)
Thanks Kerryn, Tayla, Dean and Daniella!!

Chom Rong bought some materials to make the new clothes he needs for University

And with the money the Team at UR1 raised, we bought a new TV for the orphanage - thanks UR1 Team!!

Our proud Law Student!!

With Chom Rong in his classroom

And the library... Doesn't he look so proud??... :))

Back at school - Alex always making it fun

Another packed class...

The Japanese volunteer and a couple of the students in a Kimono

A local game the kids play - they spring into the air to jump clear of the the elastic - check-out the height!!!

 And the BIG surprise at the orphanage... We had some gifts from the kids sponsors at UR1, as well as NEW CLOTHES for EVERYONE, thanks to Warner Bros in Melbourne!!

Chea, with the gift from Mary and Tony

Set with the gift from Lea, Linda, Allison, Megan, Jeanette and Julie

Srey Neir with the gift from Mary and Tony
Am receiving her gift from Narelle and Paul

No words needed here....... 

Ratana modeling his new Batman bathers...



                                                                      Srey Mom








And then it was time to PARTY!!

Getting the fire started...

We stayed up-wind...


Srey Neir
Marshmellows all 'round...

PARTY time...

We didn't need much to have fun... ;-)

Alex, Steph and Chom Rong continued the party on their Tuk-Tuk on the way back...

Told you it was going to be a BIG DAY... :))

 Back with more tomorrow... :-)

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