Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday and Tuesday... Baby Animals, Pronouns and Basketball... :))

How many people does it take to change a tyre on a Tuk-Tuk??
3 of course... One to change the tyre (note the jack is a paver...) and 2 Tuk-Tuk drivers to supervise..... :)

Back at to the school and orphanage - the kids were still raving about their Saturday night at the 'night club'... :)

We taught about 'baby animal' at the orphanage... We wrote the name of the animal on the board and the kids had to tell us the name of the animal's baby... So logically, following 'piglet' for the baby pig, we were offered 'buffalet' for the baby buffalo... :))

We then played games to reinforce the names of the baby animals and winners got prizes - little treats... Of course everyone got a treat - we're trying to fatten them up after-all... :))

In the afternoon, Steph and Alex taught at the school - ready for this?... They taught about 'subject and object pronouns'... Their English teachers would have been very proud!!... :))

And check-out the photos of the UR1 BASKETBALL COURT below!!!...

The orphanage complex - 3 classrooms and kitchen/meals area on the left - the back block are the bedrooms and medical centre

The medical centre offers free medical advice to the local villagers

Monday is washing day... Actually, in Cambodia, every day is washing day... ;-)

Is a baby buffalo a 'buffalet'?... :))

Speaking of baby animals, this puppy was quite at home in our classroom... :)

The kids always diligently copy everything from the board into their notebook

Who's got a treat??...

It's fish for lunch today...

Here comes the 'school bus' from the local government school...

Monks on our way between the orphanage and school in the afternoon

Don't ask me how, but everyone always finds their shoes... :)

Subjective and objective pronouns.... :-|

Alex and Steph in class

Mich showing our Cambodia AV to the kids in front of the library... And another dog having a sleep... :)

Steph and Alex putting the 'finishing touches' to the new basketball court... ;-)

Thanks to the FANTASTIC fundraising efforts by the UR1 team, we built this basketball court at the school!!  This is the very first game on the court - and Alex was right in the thick of things...

GO  ALEX !!!!

Just missed... :))

Alex's team won 10-7... Having said that... The rules are that there are no rules... Tackle whenever and wherever, run with the ball if you must - and all baskets are worth 1 point..... 

Steph grabbing an afternoon snooze between lessons... :-)

Both girls 'crashed' on the way back... The long days take a lot out of us... ;-)

Songnam, our Tuk-Tuk driver, brought us to meet his family...

That's it for today - stay tunes for our last 3 days - LOTS of activities planned.... Of course......

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