Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 2011 Back in Cambodia!!

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It's great to be back - and this time in addition to Steph and Alex, Mich and I are joined by Ryan - a son of family friends, and a friend of Steph's from school!!

We'll be here for 2 weeks - the first week we'll be volunteering at the school and orphanage, and in the second week we'll be taking the kids from the orphanage to Sihanoukville - Cambodia's beach-side township, about a 10 hour bus ride away... None of the kids have ever been to the beach - never felt the sand between their toes, hear the crashing of the waves, or see the endless blue sea meet the sky on the horizon...  :-)

Savong and many of the kids came to pick us up at the airport, which was fantastic!! It was like a big family reunion - and a great introduction for Ryan... After dropping-off our bags at the guest house, we took the kids to Lucky Burger for lunch - in fact we gave them the choice... Khmer lunch or Lucky Burgers... The burgers won by a unanimous vote...

After lunch we headed to Savong's new orphanage, which he's buliding closer to Siem Reap, so the older kids can come to town for the last few years of High School. We then headed to the orphanage to meet the rest of the kids...

The happy reunion at the airport...

Alex and Ryan heading-off for lunch with the kids...

The 'family' is back together at the orphanage... That stalk of 96
bananas (a stalk always has 4 'hands' of 24 bananas) cost $2.50 ;-)

Somnang's tuk-tuk had a flat tyre on the way to the orphanage...

 Fortunately there was a 'cafe' near-by so we dropped-in for some 
watermelon while we waited for Mr. K to come over with his tuk-tuk... :-)

We'll be back with more tomorrow - sticker-day for the kids' bedrooms and carnival at night!! :-))


  1. Great to see the photos - what a fantastic welcoming committee. Have a great time & give my Ryan a big kiss.
    Love to all
    Love Shaz

  2. OMG!!!! I just LOVED those photos. Michele, Aviv, you are doing an amazing thing. Ryan have a ball.. Looks like you are already. Love you my sweet.
    x x x Baba and Pa

  3. Hi everyone, great to see all the smiling faces again. Hello to Chea and Sreinaen.

    Mary and Tony Cooke